Walmart to Test Grocery Delivery to Smart Home Lockers




Walmart announced today that it will start testing grocery delivery to smart lockers that sit outside a person’s home. The pilot program will begin this Spring in Bentonville, Arkansas.

This smart locker approach could actually benefit Walmart shoppers in a few ways. First, customers get more flexibility because they don’t need to be/stay at home when their delivery is scheduled. Second, it secures groceries away from the elements and potential porch thieves. And finally, this delivery method is contactless, which will continue to be important even after the pandemic recedes. (Bonus benefit: Dropping off groceries to a box outside your house is a lot less creepy than Walmart’s idea of having a delivery driver enter your house when you aren’t there.)


Walmart is testing out a new way to get your groceries delivered to your door, by using storage lockers at your home that can store cold, hot, and room temperature items. I believe this technology will help people fit grocery shopping into their everyday lives because of the ability to store foods safely inside. I do seem some flaws in this technology like what would the cost to run one of these lockers at your home be and would people still want to use this method if there is a higher price to pay for your groceries.