Design Conjecture: Delivery System in Parking Lot



Grocery stores are developing many interesting concepts regarding technology and automation. You can have drones delivered to your door, secured lockers at your home for food drop-offs, self-driving delivery robots on college campuses, etc. Technology is an integral part of today’s society, and finding new ways to allow technology to fix small details of the grocery shopping experience is an exciting concept to tackle.

My conjecture is a more playful take on how technology and play can blend to create a more interactive experience for the user. The grocery parking lot would implement a track system for each parking spot, and robots would go through a system and be packed with the groceries ordered online. Once the user is in their parking slot, the robot would be deployed and come to the trunk of their car and deliver the groceries. This conjecture is not the most realistic design; however it does provide insight into ways, I can load the car mechanically through the use of the Honda vehicle.