The E Tattoo Is the Future of Healthcare Technology



E tattoos are medical tattoos that can monitor important biomarkers such as heart rate, blood pressure, hydration or blood sugar level. They are temporary tattoos made of flexible electronic components like conductive ink, which gives properties similar to lightweight fabrics, as they conform to any shape and still work even if the skin bends, fold twist, or strain. These small, non-invasive devices could allow healthcare experts to monitor and diagnose heart rhythm problems (arrhythmia), heart activities of premature babies, sleep disorders and brain activities. They are as easy as wearing an adhesive bandage.


E tattoos are another way to enter a patient’s life with less feeling of change and invasiveness. It’s a customized flexible and easy to use method to help monitor and protect patients from future incidents. It is as accurate and reliable as current devices in addition to looks and conveniency towards patients. These life-saving devices are still in the research phase but are showing promising results.