The power to charge your phone worn right around your wrist


In today’s world with such a high proliferation of mobile devices, the need for constant battery power is crucial for most. However, charging stations dock devices and keep them stationary which defeats the whole principle behind a mobile device. Battery packs are bulky and hard to carry around with a phone, so now there’s a more convenient solution in the form of a wrist power bank. This wrist power bank holds a 1500 mAh charge and has a single USb port on the side that allows a tiny cord to be plugged right into a phone that’s held in the hand.

The strap is magnetic and uses a lithium-ion battery to hold its charge and features four LEDs to indicate battery levels. The device is lightweight, only being 3.5 oz and is 11.8 x 3.5 x 1 inches when laid flat.


Given the move towards smaller and more portable power solutions, this wrist charger gives a large insight into the trends of power technology and its rate of improvement in terms of scaling and functionality.

Currently, this device holds enough charge to maintain a phone’s battery life at a sufficient enough level. Given the trajectory of this technology in 3 years provided enough research and development, it’s not too far fetched to have a small battery pack that can be worn or attached to the NeuroLife sleeve to provide it enough power for a small use or rehabilitation session before it needs charge again.