Cable Management At The Workplace And How It Can Benefit You?


Published: Shireen Enhanced Global Wireless & Energy Solutions
Date: June 25, 2019

What is Cable Management? 

In simple terms, cable management is the tidying up and the organization of cords, cables, and other wires in any working situations. Generally, the lack of organizations in cables could pose a health and safety risk when it comes to heavy industry sites. That said, ignoring the safety of your employees in any workplace due to improperly installed cables could lead you in legal trouble. Because of this, cable management should be a top priority, regardless of the work environment.

The task of cable management is much easier now since there are various desks that come with the built-in ability to manage cables. But once you have run down your cables through the proper places, then what? Of course, you may have to depend on additional management accessories to keep the working environment nice and clean.

Surely, keeping the employees’ safety in mind and the environment tidy must not be the only two reasons that make cable management so important. You must be thinking ‘what other reasons could be more important than these two?’ Well, keep reading!

Why is Cable Management absolutely necessary at the Workplace? 

Just as much as the employees are important, cords cables and wires are equally important since they deliver data and provide the necessary power to run devices. Because of their importance, it is mandatory that they are managed properly. That said, here are some of the more crucial reasons as to why organizing cables is necessary:

  • Frustration and Wasted Time

Have you ever wanted to pull out your computer’s plug only to realize that you have cut off the power to the worker’s computer that is next to you?! If that has happened to you many times, then you are not alone.

Often, the tangles and the scattered mess of cables make it difficult to tell one wire apart from the other. That said, you still decide to leave the mess as it for since organization is an unnecessary hassle. All is good until its maintenance time and the last thing you want is sorting out the jumbled mess to figure out the cable that you need to complete the routine check-up. Situations like these make organization a necessary task to deal with.

  • Saving up Money

Cables are prone to sagging and being crushed under the weight of something else if not properly organized. On top of this, if they are in a place that is prone to heavy foot traffic, then their life expectancy will be cut in half. So, you will just be spending money on replacing the cables that could have been saved through proper organizational practices.

In a situation like this, you can try introducing your working environment to a management system i.e. Neat Patch. With the help of any such organization system, you will be saving up money without ever having to replace damaged cables.

  • Impressing Clients

The first impression is the last impression and a cluttered, messy environment will only do you harm when it comes to securing deals with potential business partners. Even if you are extremely good at what you do, a disorganized workplace with cables littering every corner will give your clients the wrong idea.

So, it is better to invest in a sound management system to leave a lasting impression on your clients. After all, you need to prepare your workspace for those surprised drop-in visits from your potential prospects as well!

  • Efficient Working Environment

A messy environment does not just leave a bad impression on the clients; it can also negatively impact the working moods of the employees. In addition, an untidy environment leads to negative stress that impacts the well-being of the workers. Apart from causing stress, cable spaghetti is also a health hazard that leaves the workers feeling less and less motivated regarding the task at hand.

You can never underestimate the soothing effect that a clean environment has on the productivity of your workers. So, tidy up those dangling cables and cover the unprotected cables. Also, look into such decoration opportunities that could soothe and boost the morale of all employees!



The significance of this article provides insights to various elements that can be integrated in the workspace that is a hospital. The areas that provide the largest gap for opportunity include Frustration & Wasted Time and Saving up on Money. When first exploring the frustrations and time wasted, the complexities that exist between a patient and their ventilator include the abundance of cords, tubes, and other plug in wires that ensure the machine and the patent function together. With limited color differences, to can be difficult admit the chaos of transporting to distinguish certain cords and their purpose – frustration and time expended. Secondly, as previously mentioned, there are various cord and tubes which can in fact be caught onto the hospital bed or even be steeped on by the amount of foot traffic during transport. The opportunity to address this issue explores the ways in which cords can be further integrated in a hospital bed or to reduce the overwhelming present to reduce frustration, time spent, and even money to replace.