Design Conjecture: Plane Made


From the business section, I ended up pulling a lot of different articles about coworking spaces. They can influence the workers in many different ways and can connect them to their peers and work better. A few articles focused on what covid has changed for the working environment, and how some companies are utilizing coworking spaces to better their office.

LLBean is an example of a company that has been working on creating outdoor spaces for workers. They have multiple pop-ups as well as different types of spaces included in each coworking space. One example of this is the branding of LLBean is brought to each part of the space.

While using these articles and techniques, the empty lot in historic downtown Dayton can be changed into a coworking space that will connect the people to the area both current and past. The conjecture that I made for this section of the article is a simply made “plane” that hosts separate areas/spaces for chairs, tables, and socializing.