Teddy Bear Conjecture


This conjecture is designed to give those who are not in a situation like domestic violence perspective on what it is actually to be in a abusive relationship. Many often question why people stay in an abusive relationship and the primary reason is that the abusive partner’s behavior typically goes in cycles between the abuse and hate to honeymoon phases where the relationship can be rather normal. This cycle is why it is hard for victims to often escape the relationship, yet this is not entirely understood yet by everyone and it is critical knowledge for deriving a solution.

The teddy bear simulates these effects physically. When first looking at it, the teddy bear appear to be relatively normal, yet when picked up and hugged, will provide an unpleasant feeling because it is stuffed with needles rather than stuffing. Then when set back down, the bear appears to be relatively normal once again. This brings the emotional cycle a victim may experience in an abusive relationship into a physical realm so that others can begin to understand the victims emotional distress.


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