YourRx is a medication distribution system where boxes of pills are first sent to your doorstep. The pills come with a sticker label that gives simplistic visual directions as to how to administer the medicine. These labels are meant to be placed on the pill push dispensers that are provided to you with your first prescription. The box the pills come in also includes a detailed description of the drug and the side effects in language that is digestible for all education levels. By separating the detailed description from the basic administration information, patients will be able to easily access the directions each time they take their medication Additionally, each medication will have its own unique code. This code can be entered in a website database where users can see detailed visuals and read more about their medication. The website will also accommodate audio transcription and language changes as to increase accessibility. Lastly, the website will have on call pharmacists available to answer any questions patients may have via phone call or chat box.


  1. I think I really liked your other concept, where you really approached this idea of information overload with a test to see if you know your meds. You address the common issue that a lot of people have at the pharmacy, which is the issue that, when picking up our meds, our pharmacists typically ask us “do you have any questions?” To which we always don’t know…should we have questions? We often don’t even know where to start…and we don’t want to look stupid. We are also in line at this time, which causes social pressure to be done. We’ll webMD it later if we have questions, there’s nothing Google can’t tell us…right? I think your focus should be on information overload in some way, as well as information digestion. How can we make information more understandable, digestible, and less overwhelming in the pharmacy?