Auditory Sensitive Hoodie


This Design conjecture focuses on providing a physical experience like the emotional ones an individual may feel while in an abusive relationship. For example: one may feel as if they are being suffocated or muffled while in a toxic relationship. This can sometimes lead to a trapped feeling, leaving many people in an abusive relationship they are unable to leave. Part of a cohesive sexual education program is the advocation of good relationships and how to identify and cultivate them. These relationship identification skills can also be important for identifying good relationships beyond romantic ones whether it be professional, acquainted, or friendly.

The Auditory Sensitive Hoodie approaches this issue by implementing a system of straps and motors through out the hoodie that detects abusive behavior in relationships and then constricts over time as the abusive behavior continues or starts again. Although this assumes machine learning is capable of such feats which may not necessarily be true. While worn, this hoodie would notify the user of abusive behavior regardless of whether it was them as the victim or not, so even external arguments from the user and their conversations could trigger a constriction. This is so the user can identify a range of toxic behaviors outside and within their social circle.  


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