Spray on RNA to Revive Genetic Creativity


Through designing this concept, I explored how spray on RNA and precision agriculture through land and air drones could decentralize genetic monopolies in agriculture while maintaining the benefits of genetically modified crops.

Before the patenting of genes and the subsequent monopolization of genetics within agriculture, farmers used to develop their own seed strains through standard breeding practices. They were able to use their own knowledge about their ecosystem and creativity to create bespoke crop varieties. Since the GMO revolution, farmers have increasingly had less capacity for creativity within their crops as genetically-modified crops are owned by the companies that create them.

Sprayed-on RNA using RNAi (RNA interference technology) could change the field of biodiversity by allowing organic growers and others to enter the game by selectively applying genetic modification to base crops of their choosing. This could revive the opportunity for farmers to be experts and agents in the genetic diversity of our food again.