Wasted! The Documentary


This January, a documentary about food waste was released. The premiere showing was in LA, but the documentary will hopefully reach households throughout the nation. 

The main purpose of this film is to raise awareness to families about the massive problem of food waste in America. This relates to businesses and restaurants, but the main focus is on food waste by the consumer. The documentary hopes to inspire a call to action with families to waste less food. 

Food waste and Food Insecurity are topics that go hand-in-hand. Food insecure was brought up in this film to tug at the heart strings.The US makes enough food to feed all of its citizens 2700-3000 calories a day (worth of nutritious meals). However, many families still struggle with putting food on their plates. 

Food Pantries have two primary goals. The first is to feed families, and the second is managing food waste. Both are crucial to help these non-profits sustain funding to serve their community. I hope to address both concepts when working on my thesis.