Design Conjecture: Science and Tech


SmartFridge Acts as a safety net for consumers to reduce spoilage of food and food waste. It works by using sensors within the fridge to determine what kind of food is in there as well as the typical lifespan of the food. It then displays how much “life” the food has left in it before it goes bad. This data is then stored and can be accessed either via fridge touch screen or smart phone. Users can keep better tabs on the freshness of their food from their phones as well as connect with others also using the system. When users connect with each other, they can see which food is close to spoiling in different households. Users can then share or exchange various food items before they go bad.

This conjecture was created to address the aspect of food waste. This concept focuses at the household level to increase access to fresher food for longer. However, potential drawbacks that may arise from this conjecture are the limitations of the smart fridge production. This type of technology could pose costly, thus alienating many people from experience the sharing network that comes with it. Additionally, this solution could be seen as acting as a band-aid rather than addressing the root issues within food systems.


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