An immersive 35,000 square foot art park opens in Los Angeles’ Arts District

Image © WisdomeLA

Archinect, by Katherine Guinapang on Jan 14, 2019.

The Arts District in downtown Los Angeles is filled with several must-see locations. Now home to one of the world’s first fully immersive entertainment art park, Wisdome LA allows for visitors to enter into unforgettable audio and visual experience. The park features five fully immersive domes  that are outfitted for 360-degree visual and audio entertainment. Each dome is fitted with 10.1 surround sound to enhance the shared VR experience that showcases the future of art, entertainment, and technology. 

The park can hold up to 1,000 people inside and around the domes. Through the use of 360-degree projection mapping technology, the domes display beautifully mesmerizing images. The centerpiece of the exhibition will feature renowned digital artist Android Jones and his project, Samskara. “This city is one of the creative capitals of the worlds and is filled with people looking to learn, try something different, and experience transformation.” 

A new neighbor to Archinect’s downtown retail location, Archinect Outpost, the exhibition is open from Thursday – Sunday weekly. To learn more about Wisdome Los Angeles click here


While I don’t immediately see the need for or space for something of this scale, I thought this offered some inspiration for a design intervention that I haven’t seen done before in the area.