A Smart Mouse that Measures Blood Pressure


MedMouse is a computer mouse that measures blood pressure through radar technology. There has been a great deal of advancement in the health tech field in using radar technology for reading blood pressure. As seen in the graphic below, the radar picks up the microscopic motions on the surface of your skin and translates them into waveforms that are imputed into an algorithm which then outputs a blood pressure reading. 

Credit: Blumio

This radar technology would be embedded into the computer mouse surface material. The sensor would pick up the motion from your wrist artery and the reading would be available via bluetooth on a computer or phone. 

A common problem with a lot of the current methods of reading blood pressure is that it is not a continuous reading. A device that would be able to take multiple readings a day or a constant reading is much more effective in detecting irregularities. 

People spend a lot of time in front of computer screens, and this screen time has only increased during the COVID-19 pandemic. MedMouse could collect data continuously, over the course of an entire work day. This would exponentially increase the amount of readings collected while requiring little effort from the user. By incorporating the sensor into an object that people interact with most days, there is little change to be made from the user in their daily routine. 

Additionally ,with the use of bluetooth, MedMouse could be a shared device amongst coworkers, in public libraries, or within households. After use, an average blood pressure reading collected over the course of time the device was used would be sent to the user’s phone. Further, companies may utilize MedMouse in their offices to improve and promote employee health and consequently decrease health insurance plan costs.