Community Collage: Design Conjecture.


What if you could be present in a community without necessarily being there? This conjecture exists within the context of a shared, co-operative community coworking space that inherently attracts members of several different communities – freelancers, business, locals, passersby, travelers, and so on. The value in this, more than simply a place to work, is in nurturing community, transacting ideas, and collaborating. To reflect that value, this co-working space requires co-operative buy-in with personal artifacts. These can be anything personally representative of someone, their culture, and/or their values, including books, art, food, pottery, and other items.

Instead of the generic plants and artwork that usually furnish a space like this, these personal artifacts come together to form a collage representative of the people who work or have visited the space. The act of collective furnishing not only decorates the space but fills it with meaning reflective of the core value of community. In addition to being useful items (perhaps a favorite book or a preferred way of making coffee), these artifacts help catalyze conversation among the people working in the space.


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