These farmers are prospering by delivering straight to homes


This article describes one of the rare beneficial aspects of COVID-19. Due to the unreliability of food distribution, as well as the scare of attending grocery stores (and likely other factors), more customers have been buying directly from local famers. 

As we can see from a sharp rise in business – some farmers receiving as much as five times more orders than usual — more people are becoming aware that this is an option. Some of these farmers are thriving, especially with the added ability of doorstep delivery; however, others have struggled changing to an online platform. 

Most farmers use what is called a CSA model. This means that families will pay a monthly subscription and then receive a regular boxes of whatever is grown. The uncertainty of delivery contents is interestingly similar to the concept of pre-filled bags that food pantries distribute. Learning why some families praise the CSA system while other families complain about their food pantries could be the path to a better solution. 

“some Americans are ordering food directly from the farm – a trend small-scale producers hope will outlast the pandemic.” 

~Nellie Peyton

Receiving food directly from the farmer is normally expensive since the foods are typically organic and extremely fresh. This relates less to my focus of food pantries who receive nearly all their food from local grocery stores and food banks. The food shipments to food pantries are likely grade-B quality, have been genetically modified, and are near the back end of their freshness.

Regardless, it is important to understand the uncertainty that the pandemic has created within the business market. It is currently unknown what happens will change or stay the same. I must acknowledge this while working on my thesis project.