Food wholesalers offer online orders to sell stock


This article, by Cristina Criddle, talks about the different adjustments that many wholesale providers have made because of the coronavirus. The largest influence for this sector of the business has been the lack of open restaurants which is most of their clientele. As a result, many wholesalers have transitioned to an online model that delivers directly to the customers. 

“It’s been a challenge adapting to card payments and convincing our suppliers to sell smaller amounts, but it has been really popular,”

~Amelia Christie-Miller, worker at Food Chain

This is a great example of a hidden group of people that have also been forced to adapt to the coronavirus to stay in business. It is assumed that they will re-transition to predominantly restaurant deliveries once social distancing regulations are removed, but long-term effect on the business and consumer are unknown. 

While working on my thesis, it will be important keep in mind all partsof the supply chain that impact food distribution. It has been made clear by COVID-19 that people have been and are willing to adapt. This could create new opportunities for me in my project.