Peas and Love


Peas and Love is a french based urban farm subscription service intended to disrupt the current food system through their unique subscription model. Below are excerpts from their site:

“Peas & Love is the vegetable garden in my neighborhood, maintained by a community farmer who takes care of my plot, from planting. I go there to harvest my vegetables, salads and aromatic herbs, but also to learn and recharge my batteries.It is also a community that shares values ​​and the pleasure of reconnecting with nature and with others. People who take concrete action to make the world a better place.”

How it works:


In order not to take the cabbage off you, we have tried to simplify your registration as much as possible. To become Peas & Lover today, nothing could be simpler:

  • Choose your farm according to your place of residence 
  • Select the number of vegetable plot (s) according to availability
  • Confirm your experience start date according to seasonality
  • Provide some little information about yourself 

Confirm all this and ta-daaa… here you are full Peas & Lover!


On your first visit to the farm, you will be greeted by your community farmer. It is he (or she) who will accompany you throughout the year and who will be onion for your vegetable garden. He (or she) will plant, water and maintain your plot in order to take care of your delicious crops. But not only ! Your community farmer will also help you reconnect with nature by teaching you the actions that are good for your vegetable garden. Of course, he will answer all your questions as well.


Then it will be harvest time in your vegetable garden! You will come regularly during the opening hours of your vegetable farm to harvest vegetables, salads, edible flowers and aromatic herbs. 

Ideally once a week in summer, and every two weeks in spring and fall, you come to harvest everything that your vegetable garden will produce as well as your share of the shared vegetable garden, and you will thus be able to enjoy a healthy diet and local. 

But that’s not all ! You can also participate regularly in activities to meet other Peas & Lover and learn more about your vegetable garden.



Peas and Love is an interesting intervention with a subscription model that differs uniquely from common community garden models. Specifically, instead of having users keep up the farms themselves, seasoned farmers are hired to take care of the plots while consumers then have the opportunity to harvest the yield themselves. 

This mode of operation offers an interesting avenue to explore because it creates opportunities for jobs in the community while also becoming less reliant on users for upkeep. This mode of operation shows a way to integrate into the existing community to ensure sustainability of both the business and the community it is housed in. Looking forward, this will serve as a reference for how to design the logistical side of any product, system, or service; focusing specifically on how different aspects of the system can benefit and intertwine with the existing community.