Artwork by Tanya Lee, courtesy of DADAA

An Event hosted by DADAA (Freemantle WA, Australia)

Taking up themes of resilience, adaptation and displacement, No Fixed Address is a collaborative project between DADAA, Perth contemporary artists, filmmakers and the St Pat’s community, based in Fremantle’s East End.

The East End of Fremantle is an area undergoing rapid gentrification. At the centre of this changing landscape sits St Patrick’s Community Support Centre (St Pat’s), an NGO, which for the past 40 years has supported those who are at risk of or experiencing homelessness.

Developed over the past year, No Fixed Address explores survival tactics, social rituals and ways of moving within and occupying public space as strategies to subvert environmental and economic precarity.

Carpe Noctem Walking Tour

The streets after dark are places of adventure and wonder. Let’s make them ours! Carpe Noctem is a night walking group created by artist Janet Carter. Presented for No Fixed Address, these walking tours through Fremantle’s East End will address our fears of walking at night and question who has the right to occupy our urban spaces after dark.

Object for Anti-Gentrification

Based on duck hunting blinds and bunkers, tactics artist Tanya Lee learned from the St Pat’s community, and in opposition to many of the CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) principles employed by city councils, this temporary public artwork playfully antagonises the dynamics of gentrification and the changing streetscape of Fremantle’s East End.


The idea of “playful antagonisation of the dynamics of gentrification” is really interesting, and I think it could be a thoughtful approach to using art to combat gentrification in the Short North. An event similar to No Fixed Address would also do well in Columbus.