Business Conjecture: Short North Artist Vendor Commissary


The Short North Artist Vendor Commissary is based off the street food commissaries found in some larger cities, where vendors can store their ingredients, prep food, and store their cart overnight. This conjecture imagines a retail space in the Short North, transformed into a training, rental, and storage facility for artists wanting to independently sell or showcase their work without being in a formal gallery. In this conjecture, the Short North Alliance creates new vending rules, loosening the restrictions on who can sell things and where.

How it works

  • Any artist can sign up online or in-person at the Commissary, and receive digital or physical materials to get their vendors license.
  • After becoming a verified vendor, artists can reserve display “carts” online or in person.
  • Artists select the time and place where they will vend
  • Artists may also sign up to store their work at the Commissary but must pay to do so.
  • Artists pick up their display cart, load it up with art, and roll it down to their reserved location
  • Artists can display or sell work on the street.
  • Afterwards, the display cart is returned.