Sharing Our Lives


This concept is inspired by a few of the business models that I’ve highlighted. I asked myself how to create a mutually beneficial service similar to the Senior Dogs 4 Seniors, the personalization and data-matched results of care/of, and the intergenerational connection from Nesterly.

Senior citizen’s at Westminster Thurber have expressed their enjoyment of connecting with college students at OSU. This concept strives to make this connection possible during and after the pandemic. I was inspired by the model of care/of where participants fill out a survey that tailored the product results to that individual. In this conjecture, participants (seniors and college students) will fill out an initial survey with demographics, interests, career goals, and things they’re struggling with. College students are then paired with a senior using data analytics to make a meaningful match between students and seniors. They are then encouraged to reach out to one another, either over the phone, by letters, or over email. In the instance where the senior is not capable of using the needed technology, it will be the caregivers responsibility to help, such like already happens.

The intention is not to be a ‘savior’ for the seniors, but it’s meant to be seen as a relationship that both people are fulfilled by. It serves as a way for advice to be shared, wisdom to be passed along, and fun interactions to grow between two people.


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