care/of Personalized Vitamin Subscription


Everyone has a different path to personal health, and we’re here to help you find yours. We believe in the power of technology, science, and human empathy to make the journey simpler. Let us help take care of you.

Care/of provides a monthly subscription of personalized vitamins. Each month, our customers receive some of the best health and wellness products right to their door, including our signature box of 30 daily vitamin packs along with a new line of powders products chosen just for them. Take our survey now to find out what science says would be best for you!

“We all have our own health goals, so the idea that there is one multivitamin that works for all of us is just outdated,” Care/of co-founder and CEO Craig Elbert explains. “We built Care/of with a focus on personalization—you get what you need to feel great without overdoing it on other supplements. It’s like having a one-on-one with a nutritionist without having to leave your home.”

I’ve included care/of for a multitude of reasons. The first being their strong branding. There is something very joyful about receiving a product that is so personalized. I think this speaks to how you can sell a service as a product. You’re paying for the customization of the packaging, and for the fun quiz you take that gives you a medication profile, and for the little dispensable bags that the supplements are kept in. This is an interesting model to observe.

The most relevant reason why I have included this article is because I wondered how a similar service model could apply to senior care. Could they create an equivalent of this but tailored to the health needs of seniors? Or, more abstractly, could this apply to food delivery?