Across the Table: A Game for two, meant to be played from afar


Families and friends are not able to physically be together with elderly relatives right now due to the increased health risks involved for seniors. Because of this, senior isolation is becoming a silent killer. Even if a senior has loved ones reaching out, it may be hard to remember these feelings of love once they are no longer immediately present. A certain level of object permanence evaporates when in extreme isolation or when suffering from depression. It has been proven that isolation at an older age has equivalent adverse affects as smoking or obesity. How may we provide seniors the reassurance of community among loved ones and joyful conversation?

Across the Table has a goal of being both a passive physical token that can serve as a constant reminder of loved ones, as well as an active bonding experience while being played.

Players are intended to either call or Facetime one another throughout the duration of the game. Players both have the same game board, but different pieces at their disposal to play. These pieces consist of a variety of conversation starters, such as funny acting prompts, life questions, and memory recall. Players lay their pieces down one at a time, alternating between who is asking and who is responding. By the end of the game, each player has an individual game path that tells a unique story of their conversation to look back at. When not in active play, Across the Table is meant to function like a puzzle does when not in use; it sits on the table, prompting reminiscence and anticipation until the next time they play.


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