Science & Technology Conjecture: M Chair


The M Chair is designed to help patients stand up and sit down more easily. With added leg cutouts, users can more easily heave themselves into a standing position without the help of a second pair of hands to hoist them. The M Chair aims to provide more independence, extra comfort, and support for recovery patients.

Pectus Excavatum patients are not advised to scoot forward when standing up. They should keep their back straight and avoid any type of twisting which could knock a bar out of place. Instead, they shift weight from one hip to the other and slowly edge themselves forward. To avoid this hassle, the chair cutouts allow a person to more easily pull themselves up with more leg strength.

The back of the recliner can also be adjusted by a button on the side instead of a lever. This is to avoid any risk of pulling and twisting that may happen in the presence of a manual clutch. The chair is comfortable enough to sleep in at a slight incline as well as rest in during the day or while playing video games.