40 Years and Counting- Art Conjecture


This piece will be an installation of worn shoes made to resemble the amount of pollution that shoes cause in our world. The final installation will resemble a huge brand-new shoe made from 10,000 regular sized secondhand shoes. This will help tell the story of how all these old shoe materials are just wasting away in a landfill with most of them over 40 years old. Bringing shoes into the circular economy is a very important thing because as of now 300 million shoes are thrown out each year and all of them are going straight to the dumb. This Installation will also be partnered with Soles4Souls, a non-profit that helps gather worn out sneakers for less fortunate people in 3rd world countries. From this installation I hope it opens the eyes of a lot of people on campus so that they can be more conscious of their shoe decisions and hopefully lead them to recycle their worn-out sneakers to Sole4Souls.