Zero Waste Makeup Routine | plastic free and natural brands and products THAT WORK!


Sedona Christina | YouTube | March 3, 2019

I finally have a makeup routine that isall sustainable low waste options and I’ve been getting this question a lot so I thought I would share with you guys what I put on my face on a daily basis. My everyday makeup look. Genuinely, when I first started this transition towards zero waste I just didn’t think it was possible to have a full glam for a lack of a better term, like I wanted full coverage foundation, I wanted effective products that actually worked, and I had this idea that using natural products was just as much as I was vegan and I love supporting cruelty-free and vegan products. I was not into the idea of using natural stuff just ‘cause I did not believe that it would work for me. So I hope that this video is helpful and shows people that you can still embrace makeup and live a sustainable lifestyle.

The foundation that I use is the Gabriel moisturizing liquid foundation. The reason I use this is for a few different reasons. One, all the ingredients are clean and they’re vegan which is really nice too it’s actually made right here in Seattle so it’s made locally so it doesn’t have to be transported… I thought it was a good sustainable packaging option because it comes in a glass bottle… then the only other piece of waste would be the cap which is a plastic cap but there’s no pump in here. There’s no mixed materials in the packaging so it’s literally just these two pieces so this is really the only piece of plastic that’s involved.

Once my foundation is done I’m gonna go in with my contour. So I have this refillable magnetic Pro palette from Olay cosmetics… I do really like the idea of using a palette like this that way you can just restock with refillable pieces and you don’t have to have the entire packaging that’s involved in in typical makeup products.

The two brushes that I use are just really really old. I don’t necessarily have any advice on how to find sustainable brushes… My advice is just use what you have see what your friends have and aren’t using anymore. I know there’s a lot of greenwashing when it comes to sustainable brushes. A lot of them are like “we’re bamboo brushes” but then come wrapped in plastic…

This video provided great insight to someone already living a zero waste lifestyle. She shows her everyday makeup routine and throughout shows many examples of makeup products that are recyclable or reusable. Throughout this I was able to get a sense of things that also were not sustainable, that she wasn’t sure how to work around since there is not currently anything out there on the market for those particular products.