Wall lights and Panels: Science & Tech Conjecture


by Amber Fan

These square-shaped wall lights use tensile fabrics, making them highly customizable; they come with different kinds of shapes and sizes depending on the need. Here I based its shape on the current ceiling light that’s installed within the campus parking garages. Along with a slight extrusion, the chamfered sides of the lights create an evenly distributed soft glow casted on the walls. Color is implemented in these lights, where both warm and cool tones exist. By doing so, I hope to disrupt the monotone garage interior space, making it more diverse.

Along with the wall lights, a luminous textile panel might be installed as well, where it has sensors built in that could sense traffic and people’s passage. The panel lights up one after another as a person passes by. Subtle movements of the lights can also be created as it senses a person or a car’s passage. A QR code can be found on the lower left corner of the luminous panel, which directs people to download an app. The app allows users to interact with the lighting panel, where one could customize the color and pattern of the panel and share it on social media. The university’s mental health counseling service could also be integrated in this app.


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