Think Breathalyzer, but for your iPhone


“The company has produced a developmental prototype that has been shown to some stakeholders (though not the ACLU or independent experts) and shown off for TV reporters, but reportedly won’t provide an actual device to police until states enact legislation authorizing its use. That means there’s an unusual constitutional chicken-and-egg problem here: the legislation is premised on the availability of technology that will do certain things in certain guaranteed ways, but that technology won’t be available for anyone to look at until the passage of legislation authorizing its use. The company may understandably want to limit its investment in a technology that the legislature may not authorize, but that means legislators are being asked to vote for a new law based on unproven assurances that textalyzer software can be developed that will analyze cell phone usage without invading privacy.”

My Take: The Textalyzer is a new form of technology that could be used in a very similar manner to a breathalyzer. This invention does not do much to prevent phone use in the car, but instead is used as negative reinforcement for people to avoid doing it. Many fear it is a breach of personal property as well as data, and there are far too many scenarios that do not make it seem feasible. It is smart idea, however it does not seem very practical nor moral. The business that created is small, and it appears they wish to blow up if they are able to pulling off this technology in a possible manner.