The Undeniable Brilliance of Siri


“Machine learning is constantly making Siri smarter. And you can personalize Siri to make it even more useful. Choose to have Siri speak one of 21 different languages. Teach Siri who your family members are. And spell out unusual words so Siri can recognize them in the future.”

My Take: Most people are familiar with Siri. However, with machine learning and car usage Siri can begin to play a more important role. Every driver has their own habits and tactics, therefore once Siri better understands their user, it will be able to become more useful while driving. It will learn the names of those the driver frequently contacts, the favorite albums that are constantly being asked for by the driver, and other ways to help the user stay focused on the road while Siri takes car of all the assistance required. Although it is already a well known service, it is too pertinent to the distracted driving problem to not be mentioned.