Learning to Overpower Distractions



“Tech companies use external triggers to hack our attention. The pings and dings from our devices often distract us by pulling us away from what we really want to do. We may try to ignore those triggers, but research shows that ignoring a call or message can be just as distracting as responding to one.Not all external triggers are distractions, however. If used to help you accomplish tasks, external triggers can remind you to do what you planned. The right approach is to ask whether the external trigger is serving you, or whether you are serving it. If the prompt leads you to traction, keep it. If it leads you to distraction, eliminate it.“

My Take: The obvious statement to make is that the tech companies are to blame for creating these devices, which demand our attention, and lead to people getting into accidents on the road. However, tech companies have done the proper research to find what is the most attention grabbing to alert us at all and any time of the day. If there was a way to prioritize a message and let it be distinguished as something that is no big deal, or an emergency, then our phones could relay this information to us to put our minds to ease about ignoring a text or a Facetime call while behind the wheel.