Driver’s Blame-Game


“Many drivers continue to use phones even when they are aware of the crash risk. Sixty-seven percent of those surveyed by NSC said they felt they were at risk because another driver was distracted by technology. Yet, only 25% said their own distraction from technology was putting others at risk. In part, this “not me” attitude remains prevalent because people believe they are better drivers than those around them.”

My Take: A frightening fact is revealed in this study. Drivers are aware of the dangers and irresponsibility of distracted driving. However, drivers are ignoring this fact and are continuing to make phone calls and access apps while on the road. There is blame game being played, where drivers believe the other drivers on the road are the issue, when in fact the same drivers are unwilling to accept the responsibility of themselves driving. If people are deliberately continuing to drive while distracted, then there is a larger issue here than just ignorance at play. The article then goes on to detail apps that can be downloaded so that cell phone signal is blocked while operating a vehicle. It is better than there not being a solution, however, this could be a large issue in the case of emergencies when a phone is needed.