Conjecture: Port-a-Pole


As the name implies the primary goal of this design conjecture is to provide fire crews with a new version of a portable pike pole. My research indicated that pike poles are extremely important to engine crews especially as they employ them for all manner of critical tasks in attacking and assessing the fire. Pike poles have traditionally been long and cumbersome, and most are of a fixed length necessitating the carrying of multiple lengths through the firegrounds. This is a challenging and dangerous task to already overtasked crews, the fewer and more maneuverable the tools, the better. Port-a-pole is a handy solution to these issues. The handle section is a hollow tube with a strap attachment link and the ability to accept different tool ends. These tool ends are double sided and have detents that allow them to change the overall length of the tool as needed and to be separated entirely to create two separate tools as the situation dictates. This functionality allows a firefighter to carry more tools easier than even a single standard length pike pole, provides more functionality, and less stress and strain due to reduced loadout weight. Furthermore as the ends are removable the option to have various attachments to be chosen as the department or firefighter sees fit, opens the door to even greater customization/versatility.