Clear is the New Black


“Small Transparent Speaker, is the result of stripping things back-to-basics and focusing on technological expertise. Its simplistic design provides an unobstructed way of having a home speaker that doesn’t take up too much visual space. It is Bluetooth and Wi-Fi-equipped and has been designed to welcome new technological advancements, allowing for certain parts of the unit to be replaced instead of making way for a new speaker entirely. It also features True Wireless pairing, meaning it can be joined with another speaker for double the sound, and it can be combined with any existing Sonos speaker set up.”

My Take: Here is an instance where tech has become transparent. I see this as a huge potential for upcoming screens and windows. If the windshields of cars could become clear screens, then there would be no need for projectors or dashboards. Everything could be seen on the windshield of drivers so that they can remain facing forward, with their eyes on the road. Messages could even be relayed to other vehicles on the road using that technology.