Snap Cloth: leveraging digital measuring and 3D knitting : Science and Tech Conjecture


The fit of clothing is a significant problem for not just the outdoor industry. It comes down to the fact that every person in a slightly different shape and size. Clothing has attempted to get around this issue by offering garments in a variety of shapes and fits, yet many people still find it challenging to find something that is right. This is where technology comes in to play. By leveraging augmented reality measuring, parametric designed clothing models and 3D knitting, everyone can have custom-fit textiles. The proposed model would leverage user’s smartphones to take measurements at home using similar technology to the “measure” app offered in IOS 12 and up. The app would look for critical measurements such as waist, inseam, leg length, and width. It would then automatically input those measurements into a fully adjustable model. This model would then be sent to a 3D knitting machine where the final piece would be produced with minimal finishing work. The product would then be sent to the customer where the part would fit just right. Current hurdles to this concept are that AR measuring isn’t 100% accurate in its measurements. This is a problem when ¼” makes a difference. The second foreseeable hurdle is with 3D knitting as textile options are limited. A way to get around this would be to use an adjustable pattern, laser cutting, and use traditional textile techniques.