Formwandler: A Modular Backpack: Focus Conjecture


One of the repeated themes exposed in the literature review is that women come in many different shapes and sizes. This means that it is hard to find the right combinations of featured in many products. With backpacks the right fit is key. By incorporating a modular system, users are able to find the right combination of pack length, shoulder width, and waist band allowing users to build a pack that fits their own unique body. It also opens up the opportunity to customize for the outing. Desert trip? Choose straps with ample ventilation. Three weeks in the backcountry? Choose comfort. In addition modularity also helps users grow into their pack. Instead of replacing the entire pack when they feel they need an upgrade, users can simply remove and replace. The replaced pieces then can be refurbished and enter back into the system instead of being discarded. This reduces overall waste created by backpacks. Everyone is different and by adding simple scalable customization more people are able to get what they want, not what’s only available to them.