Hi-Go Hairspray – Focus Design Conjecture


Hi-Go Hairspray seeks to help those with a limited range of motion in their upper body who struggle to reach above their head. This hairspray packaging utilizes an extra-extended handle—positioned in the front for ease of use—and the bottle’s height to allow users to hold the package at a lower touchpoint. The height of the packaging then works toward the benefit of the end user as the lower touchpoint then decreases the range of motion needed to apply hairspray to the hair and on the top of head.

The top spray nozzle is injection-molded plastic with an over-molded soft, bump-textured silicone on the end of the button. This silicone will provide some relief to stiff morning hands—eliminating the pain other hard plastics could cause when operating the nozzle. When the bottle portion of the handle is pressed toward the body of the can, it will, in turn, push the reciprocating end of the handle toward the can—pushing the internal spray pin. The body of the can will be made of aluminum, a light but sturdy metal.

Instead of buying a new bottle when the product runs out, users can save the top nozzle and buy refill cans. This will help reduce costs and seek to eliminate single-use plastic waste. Customers will simply rinse the top underneath hot water before attaching it to the refill can. To attach the nozzle top to refill cans, users will simply push the nozzle on top of the refill can—no twisting involved.