Miami parking facility Museum Garage combines several exterior designs


by BRIDGET COGLEY, Dezeen, July 5, 2018

Miami parking facility Museum Garage combines several exterior designs

Museum Garage is notable for the colourful contrasting sections across its exterior. Developer Craig Robins – who spearheaded the creation of the design district, north of downtown Miami – commissioned Terence Riley of Keenen/Riley (K/R) to come up with a bold facade treatment for the structure to make it stand out.

Riley, in turn, asked a handful of designers to create portions of the exterior. Across the facade are motifs by five international studios: WORKacJ Mayer HClavel Arquitectos, Nicolas Buffe and K/R itself.

“Cadavre Exquis, as the game is known in French, involved a collection of images assembled by various artists with no knowledge of what the other artists have drawn, producing one image whose components don;t necessarily match but flow together as one playful composition,” said the architect in a statement.

Each of the five designers was virtually given free reign to build out their portion of space, without much consideration for one another’s creations.

A decorative and bold statement piece that transformed the conventional parking garage into a landmark-like building. The recreation happened mainly through exterior of the garage.


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