Watch boutiques blossom in the Digital age


““We want the consumer to have this immersive experience,” Jeffrey Cohen, president of Citizen Watch Co. of America, said.”

“In parallel with its boutique strategy, H. Moser also is experimenting with a lounge concept similar to what the prestige maker Audemars Piguet introduced in 2017, when it opened its first AP House, in Milan. Designed to look more like homes than retail stores, the spaces — dubbed Moserland by the brand — will welcome clients in an atmosphere that the brand said will prioritize hospitality over transactions. The first is scheduled to open next month in New York City, near Times Square.”


Gomelsky, V. (2023, September 13). Watch boutiques blossom in the Digital age. The New York Times.


This article has several interesting leads to me. The first is about building local communities, and how to make an experience the right amount for a local. But also, It touches on several decisions relating to user experience within networks of boutiques, which given the layout of the aviation heritage site, could be applicable.