Should Your Hobby Be Your Job?


“Embracing your passion and turning your hobby into a career might sound great, especially if you’re burnt out in your current profession. In fact, the Deloitte Shift Index survey found 80 percent of employees are dissatisfied with their jobs. This is backed up by the recent survey from Gallup, which found 70 percent of workers are disengaged at work.”

“While there are advantages to turning a hobby into a full-time gig, many people don’t ever stop to consider the disadvantages. It’s possible the reason you love your hobby so much is because there’s no pressure associated with it; you can pick it up or put it down whenever you want. There’s nothing depending on you making the perfect birdhouse or writing the perfect blog post since you don’t have much money riding on your creative endeavors.”


Pozin, I. (2014, May 12). Should your hobby be your job?. TNW | Entrepreneur.


Long term interest is a difficult thing to quantify and research. It’s something that is a great end goal for an exhibit, to inspire long term interest. Both hobbies and jobs are forms of interest in one way or another, but are also incompatible in some ways. This article is a start at outline the successful or enjoyable portions of different interest spaces.