Conjecture: E-Motion


E-Motion is a device that transmits signals to alter peoples’ mental states during a mass casualty. This helps first responders better control a situation so that people are more rational and logical in a disaster situation. A couple emotions that the device transmits are calm and adrenal rush. The calm emotion helps people to calm down and better respond to direction and help out with the response. The adrenal push sends a signal to people who may need an extra strength push to get them out of a tight spot like rubble or to help lift up heavy objects and people if need be. E-Motion is a good way to organize and better handle overwhelming situations and can even help first responders calm their emotions and think more logically when responding to mass casualty event.


This type of device is scary. If this got into the wrong hands it could be abused and used to control people beyond a crisis scenario. On the other hand, it would be incredibly helpful in handling people who aren’t good in overwhelming situations. I think this device would also be good for transmitting messages to people who don’t have a communication device nearby. The question is, how would this device be used outside of mass casualty response situations? Would we want it to be used any other way? This type of device brings up ethical questions.