Collector’s Series


The collector’s series would be a number of small planes in pieces that can be bought at a gashapon machine at each site in the park but the gashapon capsules alone could be given out at outreach events and school programs. The model comes in pieces that the user can put together, and each plane is a significant model that marks the timeline of aviation innovation. The gashapon capsule shells can be returned to reduce waste and each comes with a small folded up informational paper that has instructions, fun facts, and QR code that can be scanned to share which plane you got and to create a virtual collector’s shelf that shows off all your models. It’s a quick and fulfilling experience that still retains an element of building and ownership. It’s can connect the visitor to the park even after their visit through the virtual collector shelf. A novel way to inform the user about different plane models and enjoy a miniature plane of their own.

However, there’s still a lot of plastic waste in creating the planes, and they unfortunately are short lived items. It might not evoke the strongest inspiration in aviation the way other designs could. It’s just building a miniature, you’re not actually flying. I think the novelty and building aspect are great but the design in which those two elements are utilized could take a much better form.