Art Conjecture: Advanced Triage Card



The advanced triage card is a system in which a user takes a photo of an injured patient, and AI is used to provide suggestions as to where injuries are most prominent. The AI suggests a triage assessment level, as well as assessed injury areas. However, it’s up to the user to have the final say on injury areas and overall triage level. Based on this data, a handheld printer prints a triage card which indicates level of triage by color, a summary of injuries based on a body chart, and a route to the relevant medical attention.


Triage is a process that by necessity must be often done under stress, and the ramifications of incorrect triage could be the difference between saving and ending a life. The advanced triage card system strives to take some pressure off of the medic, and to use technology as a crutch to support the decision making process. It still leaves the medic with the final say, but it takes some of the weight off their shoulders to determine triage completely on their own. However, we need to be careful to leave the final determination in the user’s hands, especially since AI is still in its infancy.