In the Auto Industry, Harley Earl was First to Create Better Paying Jobs for Women


Many women have struggled in the world of big business to find encouraging male role models they could truly identify with over the last half century. Well, when inequality reigned during the 1950s, along came a giant “advocate of women’s rights in the auto industry”, as stated in the Women Designers Plot Style Revolution newspaper article featured further down.

Harley Earl was proactive in combating sexual discrimination and went way out on a limb creating the first prominent all-female design team in America’s mid-twentieth century business world. Another article below titled Designing Women, demonstrates the bold new direction Detroit’s auto world was supposed to go in, “I believe the future for qualified women automotive designers is virtually unlimited. In fact, I think that in three or four years women will be designing entire automobiles” said Harley Earl. 

I chose this article because I had recently heard about this group of women and wanted to look into it.



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