Design Conjecture: The Birds



The Birds are a series of drones that are the military’s new eyes in the sky. They patrol areas autonomously to keep an eye out for troops and keep people out of harm’s way. Taking on more of a medic/reconnaissance role allows these drones to stay in a pack and tend to soldiers in need. Soldiers would be carrying a RFID device that they could trigger when injured sending a signal to the birds as to where their location is. Using AI and carrying med kits allows these drones to triage a situation and tend to the wounded as needed so that others can continue to fight and keep themselves safe. The drone would relay messages back to a safe point which would then in turn allow other troops to come in and pick them up rather than drop everything they’re doing to diagnose, care for, and carry another soldier while the birds make it so they would only have to come in, pick up, and get the hell out of there.


My biggest takeaway from looking at different problems through a technological lens was that there are many ways to go about protecting more humans. A lot of the time it is humans helping humans, and that level of trust between the two will never be bested by a computer or technology. However, I feel that by keeping more humans alive we would be doing a better job overall as a military. With AI, devices, and transportation all continuing to grow, there isn’t a reason that we can’t take advantage of these things in a non-combat way. I learned drones are something multiple militaries are pursuing, but in an aggressive sense where they would be armed. I like to think they could be used in other ways that may even turn out to be more beneficial.