Design Conjecture: Re-live the Wright Brother’s First Flights


Here we have a full immersion simulator that is designed to be a working model of the Wright Brother’s powered flying machine. Visitors and guests of all ages can take flight using either the VR headset or large monitor to see what it was like to fly back then. Patrons to the park can use authentically recreated flight controls that are true to the original flying machine. All the fun with none of the risks.

The simulated flight starts from the ground. From there, the catapult will launch the plane at a high enough speed to generate the lift required for sustained powered flight. The guest can then take a loop around a digitally recreated Huffman Prairie Flying Field and try to land the simulator safely.

One of the problems with a digitally based method for fulfilling the prompt given is upkeep and maintenance. Software often goes out of date and needs to be updated and technology is difficult to repair or replace when broken. Another issue presented my this model is accessibility. Wheelchair users or people who have less function in either their arms or legs might find it difficult to use a full body simulator. With a full immersion simulator lines can build up and not everyone may be able to use it.

I believe that the solution may need to take a path that is more inclusive to all age and ability ranges. This should be accessible to as many people as possible and making something that is stationary isn’t the best option when trying to reach the public outside of park grounds.

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