Conjecture: Superstore Drive Thru


To cater to people who need to spontaneously run an errand at the store, they can stop at this drive thru. The drive thru would be small, like a mini convenience store, and compact to allow heavy traffic if needed. These drive thru’s would be on every other corner to provide the highest convenience to customers. The drive thru would be open 24/7 for late night emergency errands if needed.

Customers would pull up to a menu like kiosk, speak into the provided microphone to the worker, and “order” the desired products. The products available would be health and wellness, beauty, small snacks, etc. These product categories could be switched up depending on demand of the community. Once finishing their “order”, the customer pulls up to the side of the building with the window where they receive their products and pay.

This idea taps into the similar system as curbside pickup except no online aspect. Large superstore corporations would be able to franchise out these small drive thru’s. The superstores would also use this opportunity to stock the drive thru’s with their store name brands. The drive thru’s could be put in rural areas with not a lot of brand stores or can be placed in food deserts. This business idea gives the benefit of convenience for customers while having superstores have a farther reach to customers.

An issue with this idea is the limited resources to keep up with possible demand. This drive thru wouldn’t offer expensive brands as items on the menu. Items also would have to be nonperishable to insure maximum lasting inventory. Another issue is could be the cost of building, running, and managing these small convenience like store. These off shoots of the large supermarkets would be competing with established convenience store brands and pharmacy’s that have the same function.