ECOLOGY: a study by Zach Bush MD



Ecology is the branch of biology that deals with the relations of organisms to one another and to their physical surroundings.

It is quite extraordinary that humanity has failed to establish our society with the understanding of our necessary relation to the organisms that constitute the biology of life on earth.

From the earliest moments of birth we are separated from nature, pulled from the womb by gloved hands, sterile hospital equipment, recycled air-conditioned air, plastics, carpets, paints, polyester car seat linings, plastic bottles, rubber soled shoes. So rarely do we get engaged with mother nature now. We need to begin to reimagine everything – technology, products, homes, schools, communities, transportation, in the context of our natural world.

What if a product served mother earth before it could serve humanity? What if technologies and architectures were designed by the templates we are provided by nature?

Personal Notes: Bush explored scientific research on soil and health looking holistically at the microorganisms and their interactions to other species, reflecting on how to better planetary health through our human actions. His mindset is groundbreaking in tis holistic connection between science, not only from human perspectives but also from an earth-centered perspective of understanding other species and soil health.

Reference: Bush, Z. Ecology.