Jain, Nimisha. “Nimisha Jain: The Joy of Shopping — and How to Recapture It Online | TED Talk.” Accessed January 21, 2023.

Personal Analysis:

This TedTalk starts by explaining human interaction’s importance in activities like shopping. Then the speaker continues to talk about the downside of the current way of shopping online. And then, she introduced some examples of online shopping in which real human interactions are part.

However, I can’t entirely agree with her reasoning. She mentioned that shopping alone behind the screens is a negative feeling. But this is only true for some; there are people who dislike the conversation you would have with a salesperson during shopping or their interruptions. Many people do not like that much human interactions that she is talking about. Maybe she just considers this problem from her and her family and friends’ perspectives. She also mentioned the recommendation you get from a real salesperson is personalized and you can trust them. But this is true for specific situations and could be entirely different for other shopping experiences.

Then she came up with ideas that I believe may have more problems than online shopping. They would bring more significant privacy issues and are less accurate than online shopping and human interaction may not be a good one. And more importantly, these ideas are just another way to promote consumerism.

Lastly, I got a feeling from her explanations that she focused a lot on that we should not shop alone because it is a negative feeling. But this is a wrong perception that when someone is doing an activity alone, so they would feel bad! However, society often sees these situations as negative and encourages people to avoid them. But people need some alone time for their goods, and they can enjoy it.