Split, A Dystopian World



SPLIT is 2.5D puzzle platformer with precision platforming and mind-bending puzzles. Play as Mirim as she adventures through the World of Abstraction.

Mirim now has the power to change the world around her. Split into two, causing the environment to do the same. Use this new power to create your own path forward through this bizarre world.

Being originally from earth, Mirim finds that she can do a lot more in this world than she could before. Use your new Split powers to create new platforms to jump on and reflect the walls to create new pathways were previously there weren’t.

Each new play through reorders the world with some new levels and a different order. No playthrough will be similar.

“There isn’t always a path for you to follow, but when has that stopped you? Reflect the world around you and create new paths with the shadow world.”

Personal Reflection:

During our group discussion in Kyoung’s 6400 studio this semester, we found a game on steam called SPLIT. I was intrigued by the gameplay — the player would control the character to split into two parts to reach the destination. This is a unique mechanic of this game that separates the character from the environment. There is also glass, which can be either transparent or solid, depending on the state of the split. Although the background setting is a bit too simple and seems irrelevant to the game’s content: the girl loses her arm, then gains superpowers and begins… her journey? We didn’t find any user reviews or gameplay, which surprised me. Because I think the game’s art style and mechanics are a great inspiration to me. It’s so sad to see this a good indie game zero popularity. I really like its art style — Simple graphics, not too complicated, but creating a fantasy feeling of being in a world of mirrors.


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