Studio Lionne van Deursen exhibits material created by microorganisms at Milan Design Week

Studio Lionne van Deursen’s Unfold project comprises a material made by microorganisms. The project tests the ways in which the material sheets can be folded.

Material research firm Studio Lionne van Deursen has showcased its Unfold designs, made from a material created by bacteria, as part of the Isola Design District exhibition at Milan Design Week. The studio created the three-dimensional Unfold designs using a biofilm made from bacterial cellulose – a symbiotic culture of microorganisms and yeast that becomes solid when dried. “Bacterial cellulose is made using yeast and bacteria in a fermentation process.” (Last, 2022).

Personal notes:

Creating a biofilm is the first step in the search for biobased materials because you have an option for different applications. After making the biomaterial, you will explore applications and the production process, which Lionne van Deursen studio is doing. This exploration and research gave insights into what people are doing with alternative materials. This biofilm is a bacteria cellulose biodegradable material made with yeast and bacteria. One characteristic is that every biofilm sheet has a different color and translucency.

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